My work comes mostly via word-of-mouth, and I work mostly on retainer yet also on an ad hoc or a project basis.

An experienced language practitioner, I hold a Bachelor and an Honours in Philosophy, both from Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

I’m fluent in English and Afrikaans, and have some proficiency in Portuguese, French and Dutch.

My interests include integration, congruence, cognition, intuition, decision-making algorithms and trade-offs, cinema, theatre, music, stand-up comedy, one-page proposals, screenwriting, systems (including sick systems), turbulence, antifragility, best practices, trust, maturity models, paradox, intangibles, strategic technologies, humanism, resource allocation, digitalisation, innovation, cryptocurrencies, AI, blockchain, building community, tiny homes, mortality, legacy, how to unfreeze capital, income gaps, current affairs, engaged scholarship, the Anthropocene, the tragedy of the commons, increased public sector spending and decreasing public sector performance, and the paradigm shift from sustainability to regeneration.

I started my professional life as a proofreader and technical writer. What followed was editing, translation, copywriting, PR, feature articles, search engine optimisation, one-page proposals and screenwriting.

I have worked as a freelance and full-time writer, for agencies as well as clients.